Beetroot, Plum and Coconut Water Smoothie

My amazing workmate – aka Guardian of the Scales – recently introduced me to the Kambrook Blitz2Go.

I never realised I could fall in love with an inanimate object.

The Blitz2Go is pretty much a blender, but it has a very cool feature: BPA free drink bottle blendy bits. Basically, instead of stuffing round with a clunky glass blender and accidentally making enough smoothie for 18 people, you just chuck all your ingredients into the handy drink bottle, screw on the blade attachment, whizz away and then attach the sippy bit. Ouila!

So, I made my first smoothie in my new contraption and WOW. The colour is spectacular and the taste, delicious. Here is the recipe:

1 x small beetroot raw chopped into pieces (peeled first if you don’t want it too gritty)

3 x large strawberries chopped into pieces

2 x plums chopped into pieces

1/2 x lebanese cucumber chopped into pieces

250ml x pure coconut water

Blend and serve. That’s it. Done. Finnito. Yumbo. Enjoy.

Beetroot, Plum and Coconut Water Smoothie

Beetroot, Plum and Coconut Water Smoothie

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